Texas Entrepreneur Felicia Jeffries Elevates Black And Minority Business Owners to Become Key Players In Business

The scope of this article is to document and reflect the intricate business motivation of business pioneer Felicia Jeffries as she steps out of the shadows to help marginalized members of the black and minority business community to make a mark in their chosen business against all odds.

There is oftentimes a constant nagging feeling of failure that faces many black business owners as they seek to establish their means of livelihood by becoming entrepreneurs. Living in an environment that owes you nothing but adds discrimination and spite can dampen the hopes of any one of color. After having to put up with such a level of treatments while working her way up the corporate ladder, Felicia Jeffries is in the right position to champion such a cause. It aims to consolidate the interests of the minority and black business community. They have been restricted due to the subtle acts of white supremacy that oftentimes puts their ideas and prospects in check without cause.

Felicia Jeffries is the brain behind the Biz Credit Movement. The BCM is an initiative that is saddled with the responsibility of providing the building blocks for small businesses who are finding their feet in their sector and for those who seek to obtain funding. The vision was born out of careful consideration of the alarming rate at which businesses owned by black entrepreneurs fail at a higher rate in a country that has so much to offer them. Her experience as a paralegal provides a benchmark for the drive behind the organization’s mission. It doesn’t just have a one-way vision of helping small businesses. It counts on her youthful experience in law firms that provided legal counsel for large corporations and she has learned an awful lot from some of the top lawyers in the country. She is committed to helping the black community make a bigger impact on the country’s economy by the proliferations of their businesses.

This role exposes the deep need of black business owners and how it can be met. The struggles of these businesses with banking institutions are a cause for concern. Black business owners have it tough when it comes to securing bank loans, lines of credit, and grants. When they do secure the funding, they have to combat stringent financial rules that later prove to turn their businesses into a riskier venture than it should be. This is not for a lack of a good idea but it all boils down to a lack of the proper knowledge and support.

Hence, the need for someone to stand up to provide even a little of what these businesses might be lacking in the form of guidance, access to funding, and coaching.

This is what Felicia Jeffries is offering all interested black and minority business owners: An opportunity to truly have a say in building their fortunes and helping them realize their dream of owning their businesses to become a success in life. www.bizcreditmovement.net

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