Texas man took $17 million in Covid alleviation cash, spent it on fancy vehicles and houses, feds state

A Dallas-zone man took $17 million in COVID-19 bailout cash and spent in on extravagance vehicles and houses, the Justice Department said in an official statement Friday.

Dinesh Sah, 55, attempted to swipe $24.8 million in credits however just got $17.7 million, as per the delivery.

The cash should go to entrepreneurs, yet Sah’s “organizations” and “workers” were fundamentally totally made up in his 15 advance applications, the feds said.

With no genuine workers to pay, Sah spent the large numbers on a 2020 Bentley convertible, other extravagance vehicles and numerous homes, as indicated by the feds. He additionally brought in some global cash moves.

“Mr. Sah took a gander at the Paycheck Protection Program as his very own secret stash, getting himself millions in real money, however a few extravagance vehicles and properties, all while genuine entrepreneurs in the United States urgently searched out approaches to put food on their tables and to guarantee their workers were paid,” IRS operator Tamera Cantu said in the delivery.

Sah is officially accused of three tallies of wire misrepresentation, three checks of bank extortion and one tally of illegal tax avoidance.

He is a long way from the main individual associated with swindling the Paycheck Protection Program in the CARES Act. Everybody from ex-Jets wide beneficiary Josh Bellamy to an Atlanta unscripted television star supposedly attempted to swipe some independent venture bailout cash.


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