The Alaskan Lodge winning reality TV couple say they were cheated on

A UK couple say their fantasy about winning their own Alaskan cabin in an unscripted television show rivalry transformed into a horrible when the proprietor turned the tables on them and chose to keep the home.

Emily Padfield, 37, and Mark Warner, 53, contended with five different couples for an opportunity to win Ose Mountain, a property about 80 miles northwest of Mount McKinley, on the BBC show “Win the Wilderness” that circulated in February’.

Through the span of the four-week challenge, they chowed down bear meat stew and dove into freezing water, the outlet revealed.

Their coarseness on the show paid off and they were picked by its proprietors, Duane and Rena Ose, to assume control over the three-story home without running water.

Yet, at that point Rena, 76, kicked the bucket in May after a heart activity and the following month, her 78-year-old single man started another relationship, as per the couple.

“We’d been conversing with him all through lockdown, intending to go to Ose Mountain with him to dissipate Rena’s remains, yet out of nowhere he was removed,” Padfield said.

From that point forward, he quit noting their calls and concluded he was keeping the house despite the fact that the couple are presently the legitimate proprietors, the outlet announced.

On Facebook, Duane has declared that he’s “Re asserting [sic] my heritage, my home from artificial outsiders who couldn’t care less for my desires.”

He has likewise hitched his new fire, a lady named Ellie-Mae Blair, who the couple accepts is behind the posts.

“The writings unquestionably utilized words I’ve never observed Duane use,” Warner told the Times. “You can nearly envision Ellie-Mae slamming her fingers through the console — a portion of her announcements are so nonsensical.”

Duane didn’t react to a solicitation for input.

Furthermore, regardless of the disturbance, Padfield and Warner said they don’t lament consenting to the truth rivalry.

“We’d do everything once more, however this time not win it,” Warner said.


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