The Apes Movement Community Token is going live this week

What started in 2021 with a poetic short squeeze in GameStop, AMC Entertainment Holdings Inc., and many other so-called stonks has become a global movement of Apes Investors call to arms.

The Apes Community, some misbelieve is just a terminology regarding AMC and GME, it started that way, but it has evolved into something much more vast. It is not just the US fraction; it’s German, Chinese, Japanese, Arab, South Korean, or Spanish Apes Investors. It’s an international crusade of retail investors trying to fight a financial hierarchy that’s been for so long established in the economic systems.

That’s how The Apes Movement Community Token (The AMC Token) came into conception. TAMC is proud to be the first token created to generate wealth for the holders by the Social/Meme coin status and expose the malpractices done in the financial systems nowadays.

The AMC Token is trying to unite millions of retail/apes investors worldwide so together they can perform the most significant change in the economic order in history. With a strong motto, “United we stand, divided we fall.” it aims to be an important player in the cryptocurrency map.

With a unique Fair Launch structure, recalling the model of Bitcoin takeoff with no pre-sale, initial coin offering, seed round, or whitelist and without a preset value for the tokens, the launch will happen. Where investors will determine the price of the tokens by supply and demand; this way, TAMC guarantees wider distribution and effective price discovery of the tokens.

April 30, 2022, is the date of the special event; it will take place on the excellent platform Pink Sale Finance; for more information link is attached below. They provide the only platform with an actual fair launch system.

In the crypto space, the narrative is everything. The stories that people collectively tell are so powerful, and individuals together can achieve unbelievable objectives; for example, at one point, Dogecoin and Shiba Inu had a combined market cap of 100 Billion dollars.

With this line in mind, the Return of the Apes is close. (This is not financial advice)

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