The Aunt Jemima breakfast brand will be renamed Pearl Milling Company

The Aunt Jemima breakfast brand will be renamed Pearl Milling Company, it was declared Tuesday, after the 130-year-old maple syrup mascot was investigated a year ago over its connections to subjection.

Quaker Oats, a division of PepsiCo that possesses the brand, disclosed the new name and logo, which it said would hit store racks in June.

Pearl Milling Company has recorded roots with the brand. It was a little Missouri factory that in 1889 delivered oneself rising flapjack blend later known as Aunt Jemima.

“While the name on the container has changed, the incredible tasting items – the “pearl” inside the natural red box – stays as before, with a mission to make euphoric breakfast minutes for everybody,” the company said on its site.

Last June, Quaker Oats declared Aunt Jemima’s future retirement, saying the character’s beginnings “depend on a racial generalization.”

The logo was initially roused by the nineteenth century “mammy” entertainer character, an individual of color who was substance to serve her white bosses.

A previous slave, Nancy Green, turned into the main substance of the flapjack items in 1890.

The transition to resign the brand came after the company confronted wild backfire following cross country Black Lives Matter fights over the police killings of George Floyd and a few other dark Americans.