The former commander-in-chief writes about the Putin-Obama meeting in his new book

Russian President Vladimir Putin went on a “apparently interminable,” brief tirade bludgeoning the United States to President Obama, the previous president supposedly writes in his new book.

The criticism, as per The media, happened during a July 2009 gathering between the two world pioneers and is reported by Obama in his new diary “A Promised Land,” out Nov. 17.

Refering to a distributing source, the source reports that as the two were served tea, eggs and caviar, the Russian president dispatched into a “apparently interminable” outburst about manners by which the US had violated the Soviets.

“Putin said he preferred President George W. Shrub actually,” the source told the source of Obama’s record in the book, adding that the he proceeds to state how he connected after the Sept. 11 assaults and referenced how he “had even offered Russia’s assistance in dealing with Saddam Hussein.”

Portraying Obama’s record in the book, the source proceeds with that Putin proceeded to reprimand the 43rd president for attacking Iraq and blame him for destabilizing “the whole Middle East.”

“The staff members who went with Obama to the gathering attempted to stop it when Putin was around thirty minutes into the tirade,” the distributing source told the source.

In the book, being distributed by Penguin Random House, “Obama depicts how he chose not to intrude,” in light of the fact that it seemed like the Russian president had practiced the introduction, as per the newsnetwork.

“It was 45 minutes before he at last halted and Obama addressed him point by point in what transformed into a long distance race two hour discussion,” the source said.

“Vladimir Putin helps him to remember the intense, road shrewd ward managers who used to run the Chicago machine,” the survey noted, citing Obama as saying of Putin, “Actually, he was average.”

A representative for Obama didn’t promptly react to The Post’s solicitation for input on the report. Penguin Random House didn’t quickly react too.


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