The New Deflationary Buyback Token EverUp Announces Pre-sale On February 25

The EverUp project team announced their platform’s pre-sale to start on February 25 at 6:00 PM UTC. The public will be able to buy the $UP token at the ICO price, since the pre-sale is public.

EverUp ($UP) is the new buyback deflationary token, designed to become scarcer over time. The buyback feature of the platform is the biggest of all projects on the market, which will contribute to a rapid decrease in the number of tokens in circulation, as a result of the active price growth and hype due to this.

The platform is designed to be the most deflationary on the market of all existing tokens. The novel deflationary feature supports the project in a variety of situations. During a deep correction, this feature can be used to increase the price and reduce the loss of value, which will be beneficial for all investors. Or vice versa, during growth, in order to further increase the hype and trading volumes. 

There are several buyback and burn projects on the market now and the team aims to become that rare exception, constantly maintaining trading volumes and avoiding major corrections, to support the investors.

Via BuyBack & Burn, 8% $UP is collected from every transaction and converted to BNB, which are stored in the contract. When BuyBack & Burn is enabled, the contract purchases $UP directly from exchanges, driving the price up, and immediately and permanently removes those purchased tokens from circulating supply by sending them to the contract ‘Burn’ address.

In addition, the contract also includes the Reflection function, as a nice bonus for holders. 2% of each Purchase/Sale/Transfer will be automatically converted into $BUSD and distributed among all $UP holders. 

The whitepaper of the project can be read at: 

Crypto enthusiasts can purchase the $UP by swapping BNB for the token on PancakeSwap using the contract address – 0xE1d840C2CFFB3A451682DE7b4bdd111a8e6EaDb0 (Binance Smart Chain BEP20). The launch of the token will be 1 hour after the pre-sale ends.

The team has also announced the project’s tokenomics and funds distribution ​plan.

43% – Public Pre-sale

20% – Staking (Locked)

15% – CEX (Locked)

10% – Big Burn after launch

5% – Team (Vested)

5% – Marketing / Contests / Competitions

2% – Airdrop

There will be a 15% total tax for each Buy/Sell/Transfer. 

8% of every transaction is used for the strategic BuyBack & Burn.
3% of every transaction is sent to the marketing wallet to fund marketing, utility development and community management.
2% of every buy/transfer/sell is redistributed to all holders in $BUSD.

2% of every transaction is transferred into the Liquidity Pool on PanCakeSwap to create a stable price floor.


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