The next WAT+ load cell offers more versatility, accuracy and measurement stability for narrow web applications

REDEX group is extending the offer of load cells dedicated to the tension measurement for the markets where the company is already a supplier of reference, such as composites, wire & cable, converting, packaging, labelling, battery manufacturing.

The tension control specialist offers with WAT+ series, the best of its know-how in force measurement with an innovative concept based on a very modular architecture able to handle pulley or roller for strip, wire and narrow web applications and bearing housing or coupling supporting the shaft for larger web.

To go further into details, the REDEX WAT+ sensors range is made from a versatile load cell (core of the solution) on which different mounting accessories can be fixed.

Through the internal structure optimization, 3 different measurement sensibilities are available by size. The very compact size 1 is covering 50N-250N-500N ranges while the new size 2 is extending measurement range to 1000N-2500N-5000N for larger web in converting market or stronger products in cable or metal strips applications.

Among many other costs saving benefits, this unique design enables to use same accessories by size, whatever the chosen load range.

Even more, advanced research with finite elements calculation made on the internal structure of the cell enables as a remarkable result to ensure that the measurement value remains the same whatever the position of the product on a cantilever roller.

Another crucial reason for this modular solution is the flexibility offered to engineers to design their own accessories according to any of their special requirements, such as special length, special surface treatments, special pulleys shapes, etc.

REDEX Group is a reference supplier of tension control solution under its brand MEROBEL.
WAT+ load cells, together with Ampliblock+, the new release of the universal sensors signal amplifier are providing a package solution completing the measurement offer for any kind of dynamic and accurate tension systems.

Contact : Denis Kerhervé, +33 6 79 73 69 97

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