The owner of a Mexican school that was destroyed in the 2017 earthquake has been sentenced to 31 years in prison

The proprietor of a private Mexican school has been condemned to 31 years in jail for murder for her structure’s breakdown during a 2017 tremor that slaughtered 26 individuals, including 19 understudies.

Monica Garcia Villegas, previous proprietor, and overseer of the Enrique Rebsamen school in Mexico City was refered to for building an illicit condo on head of the school, abusing construction standards and making the structure risky, Mexican News Daily announced.

Villegas was likewise requested to pay what might be compared to $5,800 in fines and $18,900 to every one of the people in question.

She was seen as blameworthy a month ago and condemned for the current week, as indicated by the report, initially distributed in the Spanish-language paper Milenio.

The adjudicator discovered that the illicit option to the structure included additional weight and made the structure insecure during the 7.1-greatness tremor on Sept. 19, 2017, prompting the breakdown.

Villegas, known as Miss Monica to her understudies, fled after the deadly episode, yet was captured at a Mexico City eatery in May 2019 after her sibling handed her over for the 5-million-pesos reward — what might be compared to almost $235,000, the outlets said.


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