The president is in a good shape to fight wars; Trump’s statement on immunity

President Trump said he is currently “safe” to the Covid in the wake of beating the ailment — and is prepared to hit the battle field again with the all obvious from his doctor.

“It appears as though I’m invulnerable, so I can go way out of a storm cellar, which I would have done at any rate,” Trump said on “Sunday Morning Futures” when gotten some information about the White House specialist’s not that he was not, at this point infectious.

“The president is fit as a fiddle to face the conflicts,” Trump included. “I beat this insane frightful China infection… I finished the most elevated assessment, the best expectations, and I’m fit as a fiddle. Also, I need to disclose to you I feel phenomenally. I truly feel better.”

The president said he doesn’t have the foggiest idea how long he is insusceptible — “possibly quite a while, perhaps a brief timeframe. It could be a lifetime. No one truly knows, however I’m safe.”

“I even feel great by the way that, you know, the word ‘insusceptibility’ signifies something,” he included. “Having actually a defensive sparkle implies something. I believe it’s critical to have that. To have that is a significant thing.”

Trump and first woman Melania Trump tried positive on Thursday, Oct. 1, two days after the official discussion with previous Vice President Joe Biden.

On that Friday he ventured out to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center for three days of therapy before getting back to the White House.

His PCP, Sean Conley, wrote in a notice delivered by the White House on Saturday that the president is not, at this point infectious.

“Tonight I am glad to report that notwithstanding the President meeting the CDC measures for the protected stopping of confinement, this current morning’s COVID PCR test illustrates, by presently perceived norms, he is not, at this point considered a transmission danger to other people,” the notice said.


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