“The US can control the pandemic by implementing a lockdown for a month and a half”, Michael Osterhome

An individual from President-elect Joe Biden’s Covid team said Wednesday that the US could deal with the pandemic by implementing an all-encompassing financial lockdown with the legislature repaying laborers for lost wages.

Dr. Michael Osterholm glided the thought in a meeting with Yahoo Finance, disclosing that a four-to six-week closure of little to medium organizations could drive down disease numbers.

Osterholm said the government is in a prime situation to utilize obtained cash to pay for such a lockdown bundle.

“At the point when you take a gander at the individual reserve funds rate in this nation, it’s presently gone from around 8 percent to more than 22 percent,” Osterholm said. “We have a major pool of cash out there that we could get.”

“We could pay for a bundle right currently to cover the entirety of the wages, lost wages for singular laborers, for misfortunes to little organizations to medium-sized organizations,” and misfortunes to bring down degrees of government, Osterholm said.

Osterholm, head of the Center for Infectious Disease and Policy at the University of Minnesota, said different nations in Asia just as New Zealand and Australia have established comparative lockdowns.

“At that point, we could truly watch ourselves cruising into the antibody accessibility in the first and second quarter of one year from now and bringing back the economy well before that,” he said.


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