The White House staff members and Trump associates to test positive for COVID-19

A developing number of individuals in and around the White House — including President Trump himself — have tried positive for the Covid.

In excess of twelve individuals in the president’s circle have been determined to have COVID-19 since Thursday, Oct. 1, when news broke that Trump’s nearby assistant Hope Hicks had gotten the fatal bug.

On Monday, Oct. 5, three all the more West Wing staff members tried positive for the infection, including press secretary Kayleigh McEnany, plunging the White House and Trump re-appointment crusade into vulnerability with only 29 days until the presidential political decision.

Here’s elite of the legislators, White House staff and other Trump partners who we know have been

Hicks, 31, started feeling unwell subsequent to going to Trump’s Minnesota rally on Sept. 30 and detached herself on Air Force One in transit back to Washington, as per reports.

Her analysis was affirmed a day later and the White House got that evening to pull certain staff members off Marine One similarly as it was going to take off for a pledge drive at Trump’s golf resort in Bedminster, NJ.

As one of the president’s nearest guides, Hicks voyaged broadly with the president in the week prior to her conclusion, which was first announced only hours before Trump affirmed he additionally had COVID-19.

The president reported in the early long stretches of Friday, Oct. 2 that he and First Lady Melania Trump had tried positive for COVID-19.

Trump, 74, went through three days at the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center before getting back to the White House on Monday.

It’s muddled where the president may have been uncovered, given his broad travel the week prior to his determination, however his positive test outcomes became known only hours after news broke that his nearby guide, Hope Hicks, was additionally tainted.

Trump’s PCPs are satisfied with his advancement since he was traveled to the Maryland medical clinic on Friday evening with “very concerning” crucial signs, as per White House head of staff Mark Meadows.


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