Football is the world’s most popular sport, uniting over 4 billion people in powerful emotions. Now the time has come to merge the beautiful game with the latest craze sweeping the global digital community – we are creating football’s place within the Metaverse. The team, supported by the Khabib Nurmagomedov Foundation, has built a unique web 3.0 ecosystem with a simple yet very ambitious goal – to unite fans from all over the world on one of a kind interactive digital platform. As the first step in cementing football’s footprint within the Metaverse, we have launched the world’s first online museum of the game’s most important artifact – the ball.

Since the 2000s, our museum has accrued an unprecedented collection of footballs from history’s most significant football tournaments, from those kicked about in early foundations to those that flew into the back of the net in the FIFA World Cup finals. In 2018, we presented the world’s first museum of footballs during World Cup in Russia.

And now, four years later, they are transitioning into web3 – the metaverse version, vMuseum of Footballs at, exhibiting all FIFA World Cup footballs from 1930 till the current championship in Qatar this year. The entire collection of over 400 footballs is available in AR and digital 3D at and is free to visit. 

The new platform, running 24/7, will become a new dimension for football and will offer lots of opportunities: 

  • Live streaming of games with commentary by renowned masters of punditry; 
  • Chat sessions with the game’s biggest names – not only generating fan interest but also media and sponsorship opportunities; 
  • Virtual games with lucrative prizes to be won; 
  • Fan rooms, where supporters can discuss how their teams perform; 
  • Charity – to help organizations that use football to advance education, healthcare, and enterprise in deprived communities, which the Khabib Foundation has been prioritizing since the onset; 
  • Built-in virtual marketplace for collectors worldwide; 
  • Venue for YOUR football-related events – available 24/7 within the Metaverse;
  • Exhibition of YOUR footballs in our AR or virtual museum in the Metaverse.

The further stage of our project is putting these digital footballs on sale – soon, football fans worldwide will be able to buy unique NFT footballs inspired by the museum’s collection: Owning a digital piece of footballing history would surely bring back emotions from a tournament and keep them alive forever, but it will also have its significant perks. 

This brings us to the ultimate goal of our project – football’s very own spot within the Metaverse! All that and much more will be a game-changer for football! And proud owners of NFT footballs will receive preferential treatment within our ecosystem – free access to games, star chats, and many more. Owning a set of NFT footballs would expand VIP access. Don’t miss out on this groundbreaking opportunity to embrace the Web 3.0 era and enjoy the beautiful game with your fellow fans worldwide in the Metaverse.


Olga Zhilenko – Co-founder