Thief swiped $ 15,000 worth of cufflinks from Manhattan jewelery store

Law breakers swiped $15,000 worth of cufflinks from a Diamond District shop during a baldfaced robbery caught on reconnaissance video, police said Thursday.

The gems cheats entered Diamonds by Siag on 47 St. close to fifth Ave. around 6:30 p.m. Tuesday acting like clients, specialists said.

The two men, garbed in blue careful veils and baseball covers, are found in the video conversing with a lady behind the counter. They inquired as to whether they could take a gander at certain wristbands and cufflinks, and she steps away quickly, police said.

At the point when the lady moves off, the man nearest to the camera with “SWOOSH” on his sleeve can be found in the video film coming to behind the glass show. He got a plate containing 12 cufflinks worth $15,000, cops said. The video shows him quickly slip them under his hoodie before the lady returns.

As the representative moves back to the counter, the cheat seems to see he dropped something, the video shows. As the lady puts out a couple of things for them to take a gander at, the convict coolly curves to get his dropped plunder, at that point slips it into his pocket.

The two men later fled the adornments store, specialists said.

Police delivered the reconnaissance video in order to identify the two cheats. Anybody with data is approached to call Crime Stoppers at (800) 577-TIPS.


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