Through the 020 sharing economy, a company is renewing the point market

With the ambitious goal of integrating the global point market through the 020 sharing economy platform, we would like to introduce you platforms based in Southeast Asia. 

A company that creates a hyper-connected society where all human connections are linked together.

Mach Internet is leading the O2O market in Southeast Asia based on mobile app services. It is a company that develops and services various O2O sharing economy platforms based on blockchain with the goal of building a hyper-connected society where all connections between people are connected. 

So far, the company have directly developed major service platforms such as TikaTika – Chauffeur service app, Tika Delivery, CanU – Time and Talents sharing app, and SeeSee – Live streaming commerce service. Starting with Tika Tika Chauffeur mobile app service, which has been launched in Vietnam since January 2021, other platforms like Tika Delivery, Can You, and CC app services, which are scheduled to be launched soon, will be expanded to global services such as the US and Europe in the future.

Mach Internet introduced blockchain technology that has many strengths in operating such 020 platform services in earnest. We provide technical and financial support to companies operating the 020 platform around the world and build a strategic global integrated network first. Then, in a transparent and secure blockchain system that is technically interconnected with the platform of Mach Internet, the 020X token, which can be used realistically, such as service use, payment, reward, and point exchange, is used as the key. Through this, the goal is to focus on the phased business goal of building a blockchain demonstration ecosystem on the worldwide 020 platform.

In addition, it is showing the aspiration to continuously develop for the real economy of the virtual reality world that combines the metaverse with 020.

The mileage point market has grown on an astronomical scale

It is now recognized as a key element of a marketing tool that can secure and manage loyal customers, such as the fact that points can be used like cash rather than an additional service, and that they have a great strategic use in terms of marketing as they are combined with electronic payment and finance fields. The scale of the point market around the world, including in Korea, is growing day by day. In Korea alone, as of 2019, points worth about 20 trillion Won already exist and are increasing by more than 10% every year.

From the point of view of a company, it can be said that the purpose of securing loyal customers through points has been well achieved, but in fact, points are considered a ‘liabilities’ in the accounting books in the financial statements, which is a big burden. From an accounting point of view, a point becomes a kind of “debt” that must be returned at any time when a customer requests it.

The main problem of points

First, points are rarely used. When making a new purchase at a points issuance company, beside using it as a discount method, it is difficult to use it for any other purpose.

Second, it is difficult to use points. In most cases, you need to install and use a separate point app, and most point services do not provide a simple and common payment like Samsung Pay and Apple Pay.

Third, exchange or refund is difficult. Since there is a point exchange office, you cannot easily exchange for other points or receive a refund even if you receive a small discount. In particular, the validity period is limited and points are lost in most cases.

Fourth, it is inconvenient to purchase desired points or to convert purchased points back into cash.

Use of 020X tokens and Points

The O2OX token solves these major problems of mileage points and is used as a payment method in various O2O platforms around the world. At the same time, it interconnects different types of mileage and points and helps to generate continuous point consumption.

As such, O2OX tokens allow mileage points to overcome the characteristics and limitations that can only be used on the platform. It has a technological mechanism by which mileage points are redefined around the world as the value of goods that can be easily transformed into digital assets of greater value, along with the value of investments that can be cashed at any time.

While using O2OX token, platform service users can change or cash the mileage or points earned through O2OX token in various platforms, and even those who are not familiar with blockchain can use it easily and naturally, thereby implementing a more popular and reliable virtual currency ecosystem.

O2OX Token is a coin that grows along with popular business models by realistically realizing the value of the cryptocurrency economy based on block chains on various demonstration platforms built by Mach Internet and on O2O platforms around the world. Mach Internet builds global partnerships step by step by creating strategic links for integrated infrastructure through blockchain technology and financial support and marketing cooperation through 020X token.

The future of 020X token

When O2O platforms around the world interact and unite through O2OX Coin, the value of O2OX Token will rise and all participating companies will be able to achieve public value creation using blockchain technology.

The future of the O2O platform that Mach Internet challenges is ‘integration’, realizing the true value of O2OX and correctly expanding the demonstration ecosystem of virtual currency.

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