Top Citigroup chief joins swarmed 2021 mayor’s race field

The 2021 city hall leader’s race will get its Bloomberg 2.0, or in any event an applicant near it.

Ray McGuire, a Democrat and previous Citigroup bad habit administrator, recorded desk work Thursday with the city’s Campaign Finance Board to mount a run for chairman one year from now.

McGuire, who’s Black, will join a packed field of competitors, however is the main who brings insight as a business chief.

His nomination comes when the city is in desperate financial waterways and after dissenters overflowed the roads over police fierceness against Blacks, making both McGuire’s race and business experience noteworthy variables in his run.

McGuire, 63, filled in as Citigroup’s banking and capital business sectors director and has three degrees from Harvard University. On Thursday, he ventured down from his part at Citigroup.

He was conceived in Ohio and during his initial profession zeroed in on mergers and acquisitions.

“This isn’t a person that was naturally introduced to benefit,” said crusade representative Lupe Todd-Medina. “He earned the entirety of this riches through difficult work and assurance.”

McGuire will go head to head against a few challengers. They include: city Comptroller Scott Stringer, Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, Mayor de Blasio’s previous legitimate guide Maya Wiley, his previous Sanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia and his previous veterans undertakings boss Loree Sutton.


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