”Transformer Class vehicle”; Hyundai developing new project

Purported “flying vehicles” might be all the buzz nowadays, yet Hyundai has set up another group in Silicon Valley entrusted with building up a creation rendition of the advanced Elevate strolling vehicle idea it uncovered at CES in 2019.

The vehicle is furnished with automated legs that have wheels rather than feet that permit it to drive like a vehicle and furthermore lift the body off the ground to cross unpleasant territory in a mobile movement.

“We intend to make the world’s first transformer-class vehicle, otherwise called the Ultimate Mobility Vehicle,” said VP Dr. John Suh, who is overseer of the New Horizons Studio.

Hyundai thinks there is a wide assortment of utilization cases for such a vehicle, remembering crisis first reaction for difficult to arrive at zones and giving wheelchair admittance to structures without slope prepared passages.

Hyundai didn’t state when it hopes to have a working model or creation vehicle prepared.

Obviously, in the same way as other automakers, Hyundai’s feet might be on the ground yet it is aiming high. At the 2020 release of CES, it declared a task to build up an air taxi in organization with Uber called the S-A1.


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