Trump says country is being “poisoned” by the surge of immigrants coming to the US

​Former President Donald Trump cautioned that the nation is being “poisoned” by the surge of immigrants going to the US and called for restarting the border wall construction that President Biden ended when he took office.

“Our Country is being poisoned with the large numbers of people that are illicitly coursing through our Borders, as a rule not addressed or halted. Many are criminals from the discharged jails of different nations, the greater part of these are extremely hazardous people,” Trump said in an assertion sent by email Sunday.

“Our nation is biting the dust from the inside and no one is successfully stop it. The main thing that ought to be done, and it very well may be done rapidly, is FINISH THE WALL. An arrangement should be made with Mexico, where Mexico fills in as a 2,000-mile barrier, not a take off platform for the illegals that are coming in​,” the 45th president said. ​

Alongside construction of the wall, Biden switched or finished some of Trump’s immigration policies, which brought about a surge of immigrants showing up at the southern border from Mexico and Central and South America.

US Customs and Border Protection confined a record-high 1.7 million undocumented immigrants over the past a year, officials said.

Trump likewise raised worries about the Afghan partners transported to the US after the Biden administration pulled out of the conflict torn country toward the finish of August. He proceeded by laying out the emergencies his replacement made.

“How idiotic our Country has become, so pitiful to watch when only 10 months prior we had none of these issues, and none either with terrible economy, swelling, fuel costs going through the rooftop, thus much else​,” he said.​

Trump likewise said the media is complicit secluded from everything Biden’s failures.​​

“What’s more, always remember, on the grounds that the Fake News won’t discuss it any more extended, those unnecessarily killed in Afghanistan and the a great many people and the $85 Billion worth of Military equipment abandoned in the total and absolute acquiescence by the United States of America,” Trump said.

“We would have been out yet we would have been out with dignity and strength. Our Country is currently a laughingstock everywhere!” he said.