Two black men sued Walmart, after they discriminated and falsely imprisoned

Two black men – one a previous cop and the other a congregation minister – have sued Walmart, saying they were discriminated against at a Texas store and erroneously detained subsequent to attempting to return an imperfect TV.

The offended parties, Dennis Stewart, 55, and Terence Richardson, 53, said in the suit that an anonymous white Walmart representative in the Houston suburb of Conroe, Texas, called the cops on them when they attempted to return the TV in September.

The suit, which was documented in the US District Court for the Southern District of Texas, says Stewart introduced the receipt for the TV, however the representative who was working at the customer service counter demanded they had taken the TV.

“The police appeared, kept, and bound both Dennis and Terence before

the store where other store customers looked on as they entered and left the store,” the suit charges.

“The insult to Plaintiffs didn’t stop there, they were next strutted before the store, taken and held in the Loss Prevention Office where they argued and requested the Loss Prevention Officer (‘LPO’) to take a gander at the Walmart receipt which demonstrated the TV had been bought,” it goes on.

The suit takes note of that Stewart started to “cry and asked for answers.”

The men were in the long run delivered, the suit says, however the store supervisors made them “sign a paper requiring them never to get back to the store or they would be captured, and the store actually wouldn’t respect the consent to acknowledge the brought TV back.”

“Presently, Walmart has made a bogus record suggesting Plaintiffs are criminals and unwanted customers,” the suit says.

The two men were then advised to leave the store with the imperfect TV they had would have liked to return, the suit says.

The scene has caused “gigantic agony, humiliation and mental pain,” as per the suit.

Randy Hargrove, a Walmart representative, said in an explanation that the claims were brought to the organization’s consideration in April and that Walmart investigated them.

“We don’t endure segregation and approach charges like this in a serious way,” he said. “We are not diving into additional detail given the prosecution and will react as fitting with the court.”