Two Virginia police officers were arrested for breaking into the US Capitol

Two Virginia cops were arrested on Wednesday for breaking into the US Capitol during a week ago’s savage attack in Washington, D.C., prosecutors said.

Rough Mount cops Jacob Fracker and Thomas Robertson were off the clock when they were shot remaining before a sculpture inside the Capitol, with one cop pointing and the other holding up his center finger, as indicated by a criminal protest.

The cops have been accused of unlawful passage into a confined region and brutal section and tumultuous direct on Capitol grounds.

Via web-based media, Robertson posted, “media and the Left are simply distraught in light of the fact that we really assaulted the public authority who is the issue and not some irregular independent company … The privilege IN ONE DAY took the f— – g U.S. Capitol. Continue to jab us,” the protest states.

Robertson additionally said on Instagram he was “pleased” of the photograph since he was “ready to place skin in the game,” court papers state.

The photograph of the officials had been coursing inside the division until it was posted on Facebook.

“I wasn’t attempting to stay quiet about it. It’s being taken thoroughly outside of any relevant connection to the issue at hand. I’m not terrified of this being posted, on the grounds that I’ve done nothing incorrectly,” Robertson told the Richmond-Dispatch.

Fracker, in a now-erased Facebook post, stated “Haha to any individual who’s conceivably worried about the image of me going around… Sorry I disdain freedom? dislike I did anything illicit,” court documents state.

The Rocky Mount Police Department has put the officials on managerial leave, as indicated by the source.

Additionally on Wednesday, a Houston cop was put on leave after purportedly going to the savage mob that killed five individuals, including a Capitol cop.

DC prosecutors state there have been in excess of 80 captures regarding the Capitol Hill brutality and that number is relied upon to rise.

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