US is prepared to restart negotiations with Iran about both nations returning to the 2015 nuclear deal

The United States is set up to restart negotiations with Iran about the two countries getting back to the 2015 nuclear arrangement, authorities said Thursday.

The State Department said Washington would acknowledge a challenge to meet with the nations that arranged the first understanding — Britain, China, France, Germany, Russia and Iran — “to examine a discretionary path forward on Iran’s nuclear program.”

“We are prepared to appear if such a meeting were to occur,” a US official told.

Such a greeting has not yet been given yet one is normal without further ado, after Secretary of State Antony Blinken had a video meeting with his British, French and German partners assembled in Paris.

During the meeting, Blinken emphasized that the Biden administration would get back to the arrangement if Iran came into full consistence with its limitations on nuclear work.

“In the event that Iran returns into exacting consistence with its responsibilities … the US will do likewise,” Blinken focused, as per a joint assertion delivered after the meeting.

Iran started penetrating the arrangement in 2019 after previous President Donald Trump pulled out the US from the understanding and reimposed economic sanctions on Tehran.

There was no quick reaction from Iran following Thursday’s announcement.