Veteran Sports Handicapper Jiwan Emre Helps Players Beat the Odds with Crush the Books

Veteran sports handicapper Jiwan Emre established his own sports handicapping consultancy company Crush The Books, in order to address what he saw as a prevalent problem in the industry: a crucial lack of honesty and integrity. Today, loyal customers seek out the brand for its services, which are top-notch in quality, but also its unique no-nonsense reliability.

Cards on the Table

This approach is what distinguishes Crush The Books from many of its competitors; its forthrightness is prevalent in all aspects of the company’s work. The firm’s advertisements and marketing efforts have a notable absence of over-optimistic and often unrealistic claims of endless win-streaks and extremely high win rates. Instead, the company focuses on its mentality that sports handicapping, although difficult, can be won through an honest and well-informed grind. Crush The Books prides itself on always providing the full truth to its customers, whether they win or lose, to help them improve much more in the long run, and such an approach has earned the company the loyalty of many of its satisfied customers.

Top-Notch Honesty, Top-Notch Quality

Of course, the company is adored not only for its refreshingly honest approach, but also it’s high-quality of mentorship and advice. After all, its founder and CEO, Jiwan Emre, is a veteran with a long practical background in handicapping combined with advanced formal schooling in mathematics and analytics. What’s more, Jiwan’s work is backed up by years of passion and determination for the industry that goes all the way back to his childhood.

Such a background manifests itself in Jiwan’s work, with his initial forays into sports handicapping allowing him to grow his initial $1,000 bankroll into one that will enable him to comfortably make plays in the tens of thousands every week. Today, he applies the depth and breadth of his knowledge to help aspiring handicappers find their way to success in the industry. Jiwan’s company offers a wide variety of services for clients of differing backgrounds and preferences, with detailed predictions of different sports for more casual customers and fully comprehensive mentorship programs for higher-end clients who aim to fully commit themselves to a career in sports handicapping.

Through his straight and sincere approach to quality sports handicapping with Crush The Books, Jiwan Emre hopes to make players better not only in terms of playing ability, but also in terms of honesty and integrity. Through this, he hopes to change the industry’s reputation for the better and change the stereotypes commonly faced by handicappers. You can find out more about Jiwan Emre and Crush The Books by visiting their Instagram at @crush.the.books.

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