Vice President and Democratic challenger in VP debate

VP Mike Pence and Democratic challenger Kamala Harris went through 90 minutes verbally jousting over plexiglass during their discussion Wednesday night in Utah, addressing the savage Covid pandemic, the economy and a large group of different issues.

And keeping in mind that the solitary bad habit official discussion didn’t have the firecrackers of a week ago’s confrontation between President Trump and Joe Biden, it addressed more substance — when the applicants really responded to the inquiries.

The Post’s board of political decision specialists eventually concurred on a certain something — the unmistakable victor was the house fly that arrived on Pence’s head and remained for 2 minutes and 9 seconds.

“The two sides came to their meaningful conclusions well. The two sides went on the assault. Both overlooked inquiries they would not like to reply,” said Matt Mackowiak, a long-term Republican specialist, digital broadcast host and executive of the nearby Republican Party in Austin, Texas.

“I don’t know either side made up any genuine ground.”

Another examiner for The Post, long-term Republican Staten Island political planner Leticia Remauro, gave Pence the edge.

“Pence won this discussion. He conveyed his message in a deliberate, even tone which associated with watchers,” said Remauro, a customary on NY1’s “Inside City Hall” who is arranging a run for Staten Island ward president on the GOP line in 2021.

She included: “Harris didn’t interface also with watchers since she fell off furious and nervous.”

However, Eric Soufer, who dealt with the Democratic official missions of John Edwards and Barack Obama, said Harris beat the competition where it most tallied — the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Coronavirus and its overwhelming outcomes are the main things that issue,” said Soufer, who was additionally a top counsel to previous state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman and Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie.

“The top of the Covid team needed to talk behind plexiglass since he works on the planet’s most notorious bunch,” he stated, including, “Pence’s most noteworthy accomplishment was staying cool under tension of the fly.”


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