Virgin Galactic expects to its first test flight into space from New Mexico this month.

LOS ANGELES—Virgin Galactic said Thursday that it hopes to dispatch its initially monitored practice run into space from New Mexico this month.

The organization’s shuttle, VSS Unity, directed two past test spaceflights from Mojave, California, prior to moving in to its offices at Spaceport America in New Mexico. Testing there has included unpowered coast flights and now the spaceflight arranged between Nov. 19 and 23.

The spaceport will be Virgin Galactic’s base for dispatching travelers on brief excursions high over the Earth, beginning with tycoon author Richard Branson one year from now. The organization didn’t declare a particular date for that function.

Solidarity is intended to be conveyed overhead underneath an uncommon transporter fly and delivered at high height, where its rocket motor is lighted.

The suborbital flights are intended to send the art to an elevation of at any rate 50 miles before it plunges and skims to an arrival on a runway.

Notwithstanding travelers, Unity can convey little science tests and will do as such on the current month’s flight, creating some income through a NASA program.

Virgin Galactic additionally has gained ground on a second spaceship in its arranged armada and plans to turn it out during the primary quarter of 2021, CEO Michael Colglazier said in an assertion.

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