Walk Dogs App Takes The DeFi Move-To-Earn Movement To The Next Level

Thanks to the all new defi platform built based on the move-to-earn movement, now dog owners can earn digital assets for walking their dogs.

The Move-To-Earn trend is apparently the next big step of the whole crypto industry. The incredible growth of this trend attracts a large number of developers, seeking to create their own projects and get a share in this market.

The Walk Dogs, in all this craze, is perhaps one of the most prominent and notable projects. Have you ever thought that you could make money just by walking your Dog? If not, then the Walk Dogs development team will change your mind, because very soon their application will move into the open BETA testing stage, and next Thursday on pinksale.finance there will be a Pre-Sale of the $WLD token. 

What is Walk Dogs

Walk Dogs is a Move-To-Earn game-changing web3 app on iOS and Android with an inbuilt Game-Fi and augmented reality. Walk Dogs App uses technology to track the movement of users and reward them for their physical activity. This is accomplished by using a smartphone GPS, accelerometer, proximity sensor, etc. 

Walk Dogs aims to promote a healthy lifestyle among millions of individuals and inspire them to spend more time with their furry friends!  It is truly revealing the potential of what people can achieve nowadays with the Web3 technologies by giving to many of you the opportunity to lead an active life and get nice bonuses for that! 

How can users earn with Walk Dogs

To start earning users simply need to acquire your own NFT Dog, which could be either minted or bought on the NFT marketplace. While being outside with their Dog users will receive a $WLD token. It is an in-app currency that is used for purchases or sales on the NFT Marketplace, earning income and lots of other features which will be added in the near future.  

DeFi enthusiasts can participate in the presale of $WLD token on the 23rd of June. This token forms the basis of the Walk Dogs App ecosystem and will allow you to earn money in the App and use all its features in the future. 

The Walk Dogs team is also holding a contest on Gleam with a prize pool of 250 NFT dogs for their community right now. More details can be found on the Walk Dogs telegram channel, to participate in the contest and start incentivising the walks with dogs.  

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Website: https://walkdogs.app 

Social Media Links: https://linktr.ee/walkdogsapp