Who won the primary presidential discussion? Specialists grade Trump-Biden mess

President Donald Trump and his Democratic challenger, Joe Biden, went through over an hour during the main presidential discussion in Cleveland, Ohio, fighting over how best to deal with the destructive Covid emergency, charges, environmental change, and a large group of other homegrown strategy issues.

The muddled discussion habitually turned frightful, highlighting yelling matches and rehashed interferences that left the mediator — Fox News’ Chris Wallace — and our board of political race specialists profoundly disappointed.

“Both handled a few shots. Both interfered with something over the top and acted like kids,” said Matt Mackowiak, a long-lasting Republican planner, webcast host and director of the neighborhood Republican Party in Austin, Texas.

Another political decision night expert for The Post, Liz Benjamin, is no more abnormal to crude governmental issues. However, this veteran of Albany — who secured it as a correspondent, reporter and as the previous long-term stay of Capital Tonight before turning into an interchanges expert — considered it a “wash.”

“This was a wash,” she composed. “The two up-and-comers achieved what they needed to do by playing to their individual bases and dodging any excluding indiscretions.”

“There were essential minutes — ‘Would you shut up, man,’ — however no balls took out of the recreation center,” she included, referring to one of Biden’s interpositions.

That is the thing that our three investigators made of the rambling hour and a half slugfest.

In any case, long-term Staten Island Republican political specialist Leticia Remauro gave Trump a slight edge.

“Trump just barely. He was intense and set his base however loses focuses for interfering,” composed Remauro, an ordinary on New York 1’s ‘Inside City Hall’ who ran advertising for the Battery Park City Authority in the repercussions of the Sept. eleventh fear assaults.

“Biden didn’t appear as solid yet oozed empathy which takes care of his base,” included Remauro, who is wanting to run for Staten Island precinct president on the GOP line in 2021.


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