whole staff of the Nevada Democratic Party quit after socialist candidates won every seat

The entire staff of the Nevada Democratic Party quit after a record of Democratic socialist up-and-comers won each seat in the party’s leadership on Saturday, as indicated by a report.

Alana Mounce, the party’s leader director, sent an email to recently printed party seat, Judith Whitmer, that she and different staffers were leaving, report.

“We weren’t actually shocked, in that we were ready for it,” Whitmer told the news source.

“Yet, what hit us unsuspecting was kind of stunning is that for a record that guaranteed that they were about solidarity, and kept this bogus story of division going on all through the whole campaign — indeed they continued escalating that — that is the thing that was amazing about it, was the ability to simply leave, rather than working with us,” she proceeded.

A previous Nevada Democratic Party staffer, who mentioned namelessness, disclosed to The Intercept they quit on the grounds that they felt Whitmer would obliterate the party.

“I realized I was unable to work with her and watch her obliterate the long stretches of difficult work such countless agents put into making our state party the best state party in the country,” the ex-staffer said.