Why Email Marketing Can Save YOUR Business

Email marketing saves thousands of businesses from going under. Through email automation and campaigns, marketers can connect with their patrons, present products, and continue to make sales. 

The pandemic has had a massive impact on the economy. People started to work from home, and many were furloughed. The crisis has pushed consumers to change their spending, prioritizing their essential needs, and spending less on other goods and services. 

For businesses, this means modifying day-to-day operations to stay afloat in the industry. To survive, brick-and-mortar stores impose social distancing procedures through floor stickers and maximum-occupancy signs.

Companies who have switched to digital during pre-pandemic times have seen the benefits of email marketing and automation during these challenging times when physical stores operate with limits, and people are staying at home.

“Email marketing continues to save businesses from going bankrupt during these economically challenging times,” said Ross Jenkins, a digital marketing leader and owner of DigitalME

“Email campaigns are developed, designed, and delivered without the need to go outside. It reaches the customers at the most convenient times, in their most convenient placesー home,” he added. 

For entrepreneurs, using email marketing means spending less on printing, papers, and postage costs. Regular newsletters, updates, and special promos also keep many businesses to be customers’ top-of-mind. 

It also provides business owners an opportunity to fortify their credibility by offering valuable and informative content, building trust, and relationship with their patrons. 

Jenkins said, “The good thing about email marketing is that it’s never too late to jump into it. Struggling entrepreneurs and companies can set up an email marketing campaign to reach their customers even now during the pandemic.”

“If you aren’t doing email marketing, then you’re doing your business wrong,” he concluded. 


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