woman who claimed to be delivering a letter to President Biden was arrested near the White House

A lady who professed to convey a letter to President Biden was captured close to the White House with a loaded gun in her vehicle, reports said Sunday.

Sylvia Hall, 66, was accused of conveying a pistol without a permit, ownership of an unregistered gun and ownership of unregistered ammo in Saturday’s episode, as per nearby outlet.

She and a unidentified man are said to have moved toward Secret Service agents at around 5:40 p.m. outside of a security designated spot near the White House complex.

Corridor supposedly told a law requirement official that she was there to meet with the president and had a letter for him, as indicated by News.

Her male friend was captured for purportedly conveying a BB gun.

Secret Service officers at that point looked through Hall’s vehicle, which was left close by, and found a loaded gun, the agency said.

The agency said it didn’t accept both of the people represented a quick danger to Biden or some other Secret Service protectees.