Yair Dabush Shares the Behind of Scenes of the Biggest Youtube News Channel in Israel

Meet YairDD, YairDD is one of the most successful Youtubers in Israel, he accumulated millions of views and tens of thousands of subscribers in 3 years.

Alongside his main channel, he operates the biggest Israeli Youtube drama channel that the community relies on to stay up to date with all the news and drama in the community. 

We were curious to know how that side of Youtube works, how the drama channels gather the news and determine if the people who report the news are trustworthy or not and on choosing which news are interesting enough to air on his channel and he got back to us with an answer.

“There are different types of people, some are sending me speculations and rumors, with no proof at all and asking me to talk about it on my next video, some are sending me true drama stories about Youtubers that are too small, so the people who watch my videos don’t really care for, some are sending me news about Youtubers that are already public to everyone and I know and talked about them already, and some, the most trustworthy ones, are Youtubers, who messages me and expose other Youtubers.  I also do a lot of research on my own after getting info, to determine if what people send me is true or not.  

Operating a news channel is definitely a hard job that does not pay as much because a lot of the videos get demonetized because of the nature of the videos. But it’s definitely worth it because it’s fun to get outside of gaming and do some “detective” work and talk about things that people care about and find entertaining.”

As an owner of a Youtube news channel, he showed how much Youtubers actually make from the ads that we see when we watch a Youtube video, and it’s more than we thought. 

According to him and the screenshots he provided, he and his colleagues are making around $1.5 per 1,000 views for short videos that only have 1 ad, and around $3-4 per 1,000 for long videos that have multiple ads throughout the video.

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