Young British Entrepreneur Famz Makes £250,000 From Dropshipping

Today’s teens are motivated to make a difference and are dedicating their spare time to building their dreams. It is common to see many of them busy vlogging, selling things to their schoolmates, or launching their e-commerce store. The truth is that this is a generation of new entrepreneurs who are not waiting to graduate from college to start earning money.

“It is incredible how things change. When I was a teenager, I spent my days going to the mall and talking with my friends. But, many students today use their time more wisely.” says Famz.

Meeting A Generation Z Entrepreneur

When you talk to Famz, you can quickly notice that he is a passionate and highly ambitious young entrepreneur. He is sharp and resourceful, with the right amount of courage and determination to started his e-commerce store when he was just 16 years old. At 19, he has experienced tremendous business success making over £250,000 and owning several e-commerce stores.

What’s impressing most is the most was his motivation. Famz knew that he wanted to be his boss since he knew he didn’t want to be stuck in a 9 to 5 job. When asked if becoming an entrepreneur has always been in his mind, he said:

“I always had the mindset I don’t want to work 9-5 I don’t want no boss controlling how I work or when I work. I always wanted to be a boss. This is all I wanted to be. I wanted to drive nice cars and have the nicest clothes, and there was only one way to do it. Work hard and be a boss.”

But even for Famz, the road to success wasn’t straightforward. It took him to failed and lost all his money to learn how to run a dropshipping store successfully.

Why Dropshipping?

Since Famz was living at home, it was challenging to find a location to run a business. That’s why, for Famz, his best option was to start an online store that he could easily control.
After all, all he needed was an Internet connection, a little bit of money to invest, a laptop, and a smartphone. When Famz discovered drop shipping, he knew it was the right fit for him.
He didn’t need to invest in inventory, and he was able to test out different products to see what was most popular.

Now he runs his business straight from his phone. He can do it while eating or playing Playstation (one of his passions), and he still has time to follow his other dream – becoming a professional football player. Famz has the time to train hard every day to accomplish his goal.

As he says, “these are the benefits of being a boss.”

Who Inspires Famz?

When asked about how he keeps his motivation, he answered that he always looks up to his brother, a successful rapper that has consistently shown him to do his best. For Famz, if other people can become millionaires, he then most definitely can do it too.

He has realized that the key to success is gradual progress.

After all of the success, his life hasn’t changed very much, aside from the fact that he lives in a more high-end part of London in a seven-bedroom 5 bathroom house, a gated property, Famz still does everything that he wants and work whenever he wants. Ultimately, he is the boss!

Famz plans to continue growing his business with effective advertisement and excellent customer service. He learned from his mistakes, and now he can build a successful e-commerce business from scratch over and over again.

“I don’t fear anything. Whatever happens, is meant to be. It is already written for me. I will take it and move on.” he answers for the question “What is your greatest fear?”.

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