How Javed Khan went from Working at Domino’s Pizza to No. 1 Trader on NFX Platforms at the age of 22

At just 22 years old, Javen Khan has achieved remarkable success in the world of foreign exchange trading. A world-class NFX educator, top-notch signal provider, and qualified as a No. 1 trader on the NFX platforms, this entrepreneur have charted a successful career that has yielded great benefits.

However, his growth has not been easy. What defines an entrepreneur is not only his success but the path he has taken to get there. In Javed’s case, it is a path full of challenges, ups and downs, and above all, difficult circumstances that not only add value to his achievements, but also to his attitude and capacity to overcome every obstacle focused on his goal.

Javed was born and raised in East London, Hackney, an area characterized by gang violence and youth problems. In this environment, this young man’s family stood out as humble, hard-working people with values that transcended other generations like this young man’s.

However, the violence on the streets touched Javed’s life closely with the loss of close friends. Yet, this young man with an entrepreneurial spirit and futuristic vision wanted something better for his life. Although he was able to choose this path, because it was the closest he could get, he decided to walk away and go in a different direction.

His father’s entrepreneurial spirit was what this young man used as a reference to start charting the path of his dreams. He started college and also worked at Domino’s Pizza. In 2016, when he saw the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street”, a twist of inspiration came and he decided to invest in currency trading.

He Takes Calculated Risks

Javed invested all his savings and even his father’s in his first experiences in the foreign exchange market. However, inexperience and bad financial advice played against him and led him to lose all his money in a few hours. This episode in his life undoubtedly represented the hardest blow as a start-up entrepreneur.

However, although it was an important experience it did not define the path Javed had decided to take. On the contrary, it further strengthened his resolve to grow. He began working full time at the pizzeria to pay off his father’s money and recoup his investment.

By the end of 2016, he had repaid his debt. But on top of that, he had analyzed in depth the functioning of the market, which allowed him to resume his mission and this time, achieve success.

In the first year of operations, this young man managed to reach £352,000.00. Four years later, he is qualified as a world reference in the stock market. An outstanding educator who advises others on what to invest in and who has built his business empire at only 22 years of age.

Keep your Mind on your Motivation

Javed is proof that circumstances do not define your path. On the contrary, it is the attitude and commitment with which you decide to go through each stage that will provide results on the path.

This young man assures that keeping the goal in mind was what pushed him to continue, even when he had lost everything initially. From an early age, his top priority has been to help his family and friends financially. This objective led him to work tirelessly and put all the necessary effort until he found the path that would allow him to make it happen.

Now, not only does he have the opportunity to share his success with those close to him, but he also does so around the world. For 4% of his income is directed towards providing food and supplies to families in third world countries like Bangladesh.

Use the Hardships to Grow

Despite growing up in a complex social environment and going through a difficult educational process, since full-time work made it difficult for him to continue with his university studies, Javed never lost his motivation in the search for his results.

On the contrary, this scenario allowed him to grow, to strengthen his values, and in a leap of faith, to bet that with his abilities, the right knowledge, and the effort for his achievements he could go even further than anyone else would have done.

Focused on this, he did not stop working to become today, a young multimillionaire, with a great capacity for success and intention to help those in need.     

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