Oklahoma, USA: The INTERNATIONAL ENVIRONMENT COURT in the United States gave the judgment for case number ENC201215 that the Provisional National Government of Vietnam – Republic of Vietnam the Third (PNGVN – 3rd RVN) won with the amount of 38 trillion US dollars against Communist China and the Vietnamese Communist Party. The judgment also stated that if the settlement cannot be satisfied with currency, then the PNGVN – 3rd RVN led by IMPERIAL DUKE, QUAN MINH DAO, the Third President of RVN has the right to cease all the properties and investments around the world that belong to both Communist Parties China and Vietnam. According to IMPERIAL DUKE, the collection will be distributed to all the Vietnamese people.

Recently, on April 21, 2021, the Staff Office of the PNGVN – 3rd RVN, by the order of the PRESIDENT QUAN MINH DAO, issued a policy of leniency, calling for national unity to protect the Fatherland, leading the country to move forward, fast and Firm in the international arena. It stated:

Dear Brothers and Sisters, Soldiers, Policemen who are serving the communist regime, please pay close attention below:


“In the past, we were soldiers like you, brothers and sisters. If we encountered each other on the battlefield, the guns on both sides would certainly have no eyes but only execute the orders, and unhesitatingly to advance to the target. However, we have no hostile feelings”.

 Therefore, He is very sympathetic to your inside dreams. Except for the wicked leaders who took privileges and particular advantages, what will life be for millions of party members, police and active soldiers if they discharged from military service? The majority of people will have to face poverty and harassed by evil official mobsters.

After 46 years of ruling, the Vietnamese communist was uncovered the mask that they are just a gang of corrupting, factionalizing, stealing, robbing, sharing and enjoying on the sweat and blood of the people. They even brutally murdered their “Comrades” who sacrificed their bones and blood to fight for their enjoyment today as in the case of Lê Đình Kình’s family massacre is an obvious example.

The so-called “State” of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam at present, which led by the idiot and bogey, Nguyễn Xuân Phúc, who is just a bunch of illegal, NOT BEING VOTED BY THE PEOPLE.

The oligarchs of the Vietnamese Communist Party are bowing their heads, shutting their mouths to let the Chinese Communist Party arrest and kill the Vietnamese people, bring poisonous food into our country, and increase the pressure to take our land and territory, islands and rivers slowly. The oligarchs of the Vietnamese Communist Party are incapable and shameless to accept COWARD WITH THE CHINESE ENEMY AND WICKED WITH THE VIETNAMESE PEOPLE. They are submitting to be controlled by Communist China to turn our civilized thousand-year-old country into a society of corrupt, microbial nest of the era, producing immoral, malignant violent people who no longer have the moral principles of our ancestors.

Therefore, we must work together to save the country, REGAIN ANCESTRAL LANDS – END POPULACE SUFFERING. We believe that it is an ideal, a shared duty of those who have the ambitions to serve their homeland and care for their future, their family and their descendants. We are the same root, and we want our country to be peaceful, sovereign, people happy and prosperous, not to be slaves to Russia, China or be subordinated by any country in the world. We can all let go of the past, together with all the people to hold hands, to unite, to dissolve the evil power of the communist government, to rebuild our homeland, and to make the name of Vietnam to be great again across the four seas and five continents.

The statement ends with the message of IMPERIAL DUKE PRESIDENT QUAN MINH DAO:

“To the Great Heroes of New Democracy!

To, Vietnamese Sibling Brothers and Sisters!

We, formed by the Ethnic, for the People to fight.

This standing up will transmit until forever, forever and ever.

For the fertile of the land, the agglomeration of Vietnamese Essence.

It is the pride, the legacy for our children and grandchildren.

Essence and Soul are always with the Mountain and River.

Live, must be imposing! Die, must be proud, indomitable and heroic.”


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